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Software Development and Customization

Want to shift your IT spent from legacy to leading-edge?

ShineTel Tech Hub is Ghana’s top software development, systems integration, and IT consulting company. To accelerate your company’s growth, hire an outsourced specialized development team.

We offer full-cycle services for web development with a priority on speed and security. In order to ensure that your target audience is accessed on any device, our experts produce high-quality products. Working together with our clients enables us to thoroughly understand all of their objectives and specifications and to choose the ideal strategy for them. 

For a fraction of the expense of keeping an in-house team, the dedicated software development team model enables IT startups and enterprises to access a wider pool of offshore experts. Teams of committed software developers combine the advantages of in-house and offshore development.

 Business workflow automation, SAAS app development, IT support, and mobile application development are just a few of the many services we offer.

Our Extensive Range of Software Development Services

IT Support

The era of simple IT support is long past. Information technology, in our opinion, should be viewed as an essential element of every business plan because it enables an organization to grow and prosper. Customers may find the technology stack overwhelming in this digital age. So, we think we should offer more than just IT support. Comprehensive strategic IT relationships are provided by managed IT services. For your IT platforms, we may offer suggestions, direction, implementation, support, and continuing evaluation while still being accountable for the services we offer. With the help of our tried-and-true bring To Good and IT Roadmap services, we can be confident that we’ve got a plan in place to bring your business where it wants to go while still offering all the essential IT support services.


We provide SaaS software development services from start to finish. Our senior engineers are experts at developing secure, scalable, and conversion-optimized systems that are tailored to each company’s unique capabilities and requirements. Contact us if the diversity of approaches to construct a SaaS product overwhelms you. Our SaaS experts will identify the technologies that are required to create a product that meets your business goals and fits within your budget. We’ll be there for you throughout the development process. We’ll assist you in determining how your solution should function and seem in order to provide the intended value through extensive UX research. We’ll not only validate your concept but also lay the groundwork for its realisation.

Mobile Application Development

The best method to organize your business’s activities is to create a mobile application. We can assist you in making your app, whether it’s your first or fifth. Because of our extensive expertise in developing mobile applications, we create one-of-a-kind solutions that support the objectives of your business. We also provide cutting-edge technologies to keep your company competitive! We create responsive, user-friendly mobile apps that are curated. Our apps receive speedy approval and might be added to the app or play store. Our programmers have demonstrated expertise in a variety of technologies, including native and cross-platform programs. If you have an idea, we can help you make it happen.

End-User Support

Your technical problems will be quickly resolved by end-user support. You don’t have to worry about who will fix a problem or how it will be done when you encounter one. If you log into our End-User Support system, your issue is now solved. Our knowledgeable team is there to you whenever you need them by handling queries sent through various channels from a single platform, and our end-user support evaluates your client experience as a whole. Our monitoring system is coupled with our end-user support system, which can generate requests automatically.

Feel free to contact us for further inquiries or concerns regarding your Tech Problems.

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