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Shinetel Tech-Hub was established as an IT company on January 1, 2016, to provide quality but affordable IT products and services to the Ghanaian public, other countries in Africa, and the global village. Initially, the company focused on retailing computers, laptops, mobile phones, and accessories. However, in 2022, the company added other IT services such as software application customization, graphic design, website development, AI programming, Data analysis, Cyber security, Networking, Social media presence and management, and laptop and phone repairs.

The company intends to venture into other areas of Technological services based on the growing demands of the market and the ever-changing Technological Trends.


Providing the best IT solutions and products to companies, MSMEs and individuals that truly satisfy their needs beyond their expectations. High-performing companies, MSMEs, and individuals do not want organizations that simply work, but they want organizations that excel. Therefore, excellence will be our greatest driving force.


Using top edge technology to provide quality IT solutions and products that satisfies the needs of companies, MSMEs and individuals and there-by being greatly rewarded for our excellent products and services.

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We do not know it all therefore we are standing on the shoulders of giants for greater heights. We also believe in training ordinary people to do extraordinary things.



Being truthful and straight forward with our clients, workers, suppliers and lenders.



Treating people the way we want to be treated.


There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Those showing consideration to the lowly are lending to God and He will reward greatly.


We do not trust blindly. Our trust is based on accurate knowledge and years of faithful impeccable records. Therefore, we want to be trusted for our impeccable records of services and products that truly satisfy the needs of our clients.


If you have never failed, then you had no real opportunity to learn from your mistakes. A person who has never made mistakes is a perfect man. However, no man is perfect. Failures help us to correct our mistakes or to move away from methods that do not work. The great man who designed the pencil also added an eraser to wipe out the mistakes of the user. Meaning mistakes are part of the learning process. Remember: A child who is learning to walk may fall down many times but he or she will never remain on the ground. So never give up when you fail. Rather pick up your pieces and try again. Most successful stories start with failures.

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